Unfold your own outdoor experience


Unfold your outdoor experience

Large and luxurious. High-quality and suited for permanent outdoor use. Meet TRIVIS: a pioneering outdoor LED screen, designed to put your exclusive taste for design and entertainment on display.


Gerd Couckhuyt

Uniting function, design and form

Designed by Gerd Couckhuyt, TRIVIS is one of the first premium outdoor LED displays that can be unfolded and transformed into a seamless screen. Thanks to his technical background and years of experience as a creative designer, Couckhuyt found just the right balance between absolute elegance and smooth mechanics. The result is a height-adjustable, 360°-rotating screen with a first-rate finish from every angle.



With decades of experience in sports and music events. Caerus Vision has become the preeminent reference in the field of innovative LED screens indoor and outdoor. The Belgian manufacturer strives to offer entertainment and viewing experiences of the highest level, both for large audiences and in small, intimate settings like our own garden. For Caerus Vision, NOA is an excellent opportunity to combine expertise, creativity and surprise the market of high-end outdoor living.

  • Dimensions
    3000mm (W) x 1750mm (H)
  • LED
    MicroX (Low reflection/High contrast/Superb grey scale
  • Pixel Pitch
    2,6 II 1,95 II 1,56 II 1,25 mm
  • Horizontal Resolution
    1152 II 1536 II 1920 II 2400 pixels
  • Vertical Resolution
    672 II 896 II 1120 II 1400 pixels
  • Brightness
    >3500cd/m² (black shell smd)
  • TRIVIS control app
    Control automation, video and audio settings
  • Video
    4 HDMI input
  • Refresh rate
  • Scaling
  • Audio
    Integrated sub - external speakers
  • Powerconsumption
    Max 3150W and typical : 1050W
  • Voltage
    AC 100-240V
  • Technology
  • Automation Up & Down
    Low position : 100mm above floor level High position: 1400mm above floor level
  • Automation rotate
    Left : - 175° Right : + 175°
  • Automation unfolding
    Open & Close flat LED screen and Trivis tryptique mode
  • Automation Sub Up & Down
    Low position : flush with floor level High position : 300mm above floor level
  • Certification
    CE – EMC
  • Suitable for permanent outdoor use 24/7
  • (Sea)water resistant
  • Shock and Dustproof
  • Anti-static
  • Anti UV
  • Humidity proof


Enhance your hotel, rooftop, bar or club

Put TRIVIS in the spotlight on the rooftop terrace of your five-star hotel or the sunlit dance floor of your beach club.

Host an open-air art gallery

Let pixel-perfect works of art shine bright on your TRIVIS display during an art gallery in open air. Day or night: always an impeccable view.

Display your high-end brand

Show off your luxury brand on our TRIVIS and have everything you need to create a premium atmosphere and impressive images.

Your own garden

Create a long-lasting experience with high-end vision and sound in your garden area. Perfect for relaxing, pool parties, receptions,... or use TRIVIS to become one with nature or enjoy your favorite art.

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Let TRIVIS catch your eye

Need more inspiration? Discover endless possibilities for your TRIVIS screen and find ‘the one’ for you.

Customize your TRIVIS

Personalize your screen

The colors, dimensions and pixel pitch of your TRIVIS can be fully customized to your needs. Get in touch for more information.

Discover TRIVIS at NOA

Curious to see TRIVIS off-screen? Be the first to discover our luxury led display at NOA outdoor living, a brand-new outdoor living showroom in Kruisem. The biggest outdoor living hub in Europe.

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